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Bonnie’s Brunch:

Ever dreamed of owning a food truck and traveling far and wide? Bonnie’s Brunch is a food management game where players win points and rewards for fast delivery. The star of the game is Bonnie, a bright-eyed girl who loves cooking, adventure, and travel. Bonnie is gifted with a food truck by her grandfather on her birthday. This is where she starts her journey. The game offers more than 50 levels of gameplay with different challenges and tutorials for typical dishes. The game is released by Funny Lab Studios and is suitable for girls.

Bonnie’s Brunch

Cut the Rope:

Cut the Rope is a fun and exciting game suitable for girls. The graphics of the game is colorful and immersive. Cut the Rope is based on the main character Om Nom, a little monster. The game starts with a package arriving at the doorstep. Inside is a little green monster who dreams of only eating candy. From the moment he steps foot on the door, he has one request – more candy. However, the candies cannot be reached by the little monster. Therefore, the player has to cut strings to release each candy. Cut the Rope incorporates physics and the phenomenon of gravity into the gameplay.

Pet Rescue Saga:

Pet Rescue Saga is suitable for kids who love animals. There might not be many kids who haven’t begged their parents for a cat or dog at some point in their lives. Pet Rescue Saga is from the same game developers as Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. In Pet Rescue Saga, players have to rescue the pets from evil kidnappers by matching and removing blocks from the pathway. However, you only get a limited number of movements to rescue the animals. Because of the limited movements, you must plan each step and execute it to succeed. The game puts the puzzle-solving abilities of the kids to the test. Pet Rescue Saga features a number of cute animals, such as pandas, dogs, rabbits, cats, etc.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a casual role-playing game where you can dress up and live a superstar life. The game lets you rise to Hollywood fame and create your own fashion story. Players can choose celebrities and dress up from thousands of designer clothing collections available. Change up the style using wigs, makeup, and accessories inspired by Kim Kardashian. The game also lets players form connections with other celebrities and form families with them. Players can also connect with their Facebook friends to compare styles, get advice and help each other.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Bakery Story:

If you have ever dreamed of owning a bakery, this is a game you must play. With attractive graphics and game mechanics, Bakery Story gives an immersive experience to the players. You can name your bakery, design it and plan your menu. The game lets you start building and designing your bakery from scratch – choose tables, chairs, décor items, wallpaper, tiles, oven, and other kitchen essentials. The game also lets you add your Facebook friends and win chests and coins as rewards.

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